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Online Life Coaching (1:1)


The Goddess Awakening


This program is divided into a 1:1 online session once a week (1 hour each session) for 3 weeks!  You will learn some meditations, techniques, rituals, and information about self-love, our womb power, kundalini energy, priestesses path, and deep connection to your inner self. The Goddess Awakening will make you more confident to be authentic, to express yourself, to be successful, prosperous, to rise, and reach your dreams. All women must know their power! You are such a unique gift to the world! Your pure flame is calling you to rise and simply be yourself! Allow yourself to this experience! This is a limited program with a special price (3 sessions for only € 140!)


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The Goddess Rising


The Goddess Rising Program is a package of 10, 1:1 session where you will not only learn techniques to raise your energies and be more aware of your feminine powers but also you will learn how to manifest and attract what you what in your life! It is a complete and profound work to get you empowered!


The Goddess Rising is a personalized program and it depends on your needs. The package includes  Kundalini Yoga and meditations, visualizations, self-love exercises, shadow work, reprogramming dysfunctional beliefs, mindfulness, chakras alignment, Priestess rituals, womb healing, and much more.

For a limited time, I am offering 30 min FREE Feminine Success Sessions to help you discover what is blocking you from what you want and need to break through.

This is only for those who are interested in pursuing 1:1 coaching with me.