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Can you relate?


  • Being a woman, mother, wife, daughter... and feeling that you are pulled in different directions.

  • Unhappy with your job or your career and afraid to change due to fear of failure or fear of disappointing others or even yourself.

  • Trying to please others and constantly feeling guilty and forgetting about your needs.

  • Asking: "But... who am I, really?? What is my purpose in life?" You know that is something bigger than the life you are living in, but you are not quite sure what it is and what to do.

  • Having physical or emotional problems with the moon cycle, fertility or feminine issues.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, tired, and anxious most of the time.

Sometimes we women get lost with so many roles and we get tired pleasing others and forgetting to nurture ourselves. We have so much pressure to be “PERFECT” and we tend to put others in first place. We have self-doubt and we tend to postpone new projects or even try something new.


Unfortunately, our shiny bright light slowly may disappear. You may ask yourself, how can I have my light back?! How can I change and be fully happy again?


I used to struggle with it too: 


  •  I was forgetting my essence and hearing what others have to say about my career.

  •  I was barely depressed, working and studying like crazy without a true meaning in my life.

  • I got weight and I was totally unhappy with myself and my life.

  • I lost my voice.

  • I lost my soul.

  • I had no clue how to change my life and have the guts to speak up and live the life that I really wanted.


When I realized that I had the power to change:


  •  I took some time for myself to serve my soul and heal my feminine wounds of “not being enough”.

  • Slowly, I was feeling powerful just being me!

  • Not only Kundalini Yoga helped me a lot, but also studying and participating in women's circles brought me many insights from my ancestor's feminine wounds that were blocking my feminine powers.

  • The beautiful part of healing yourself is that you heal your ancestors and all the lineage ahead! 



After completing my Mystery School and some sacred feminine studies, I realized that I had to spread all this knowledge to women who are living out of sync with their natural gifts, realize their full potential in relationships, business, love and attract what they want in their lives.

We have forgotten our feminine authentic powers. We don't learn about womb energies in school, right? So how should we be true to our feminine self when we know nothing about our feminine energies?


Plus, in my opinion, it's a waste of not knowing who you really are and your full potential in life. You are able to heal yourself, maybe change your life and thrive if you only knew how important your womb and kundalini energies influence your life and how much the connection with yourself, Nature, Universe can deeper your place in here and now.


I understand the struggles and the challenges you face as a woman in this era, because I went through all these steps in order to speak my truth and honor my powers. My mission is to serve spiritually connected women to get back and stay in their powers, so they can get empowered, happy, intuitive, creative, confident and connected not only with themselves but also something higher in order to manifest their infinite possibilities and create a new reality. Therefore, I came up with this 4 weeks Program to teach you and empower you about your feminine powers.

I'm Patricia Lima Hauerwaas and I'm going to help you to get back to your authentic feminine powers.

  • I am the founder of Chamapura and the Kundalini Dance Meditation

  • I am a licensed Psychotherapist in Brazil and Germany with 2 Masters degrees (MA, MS)

  • I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (Yoga West- LA)

  • I am a certified Moon Mother (Level 2)

  • I worked with more than 300 high-performance and Olympic women athletes. Nowadays, I work with spiritual seeker women in their process of changing, manifesting and attracting their dreams.

  • I integrate Kundalini Yoga, spontaneous meditative dancing, womb healing and blessing, shadow work, coaching, shamanism, mindfulness, and sacred rituals (Priestess/ Goddesses rituals) on my work.

  • I offer a holistic approach to women with life coaching, workshops, retreats, and online programs


The Goddess IS You!


 It is an interactive 4 weeks online program designed to help spiritual seeker women to live in their full feminine powers and attract what they want in their lives. It combines Kundalini Yoga, Womb Awakening, sacred rituals, Mindfulness and meditations.

The Goddess IS You takes place from March 28th, 2019 to April 24th, 2019

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2 Payments of €193,50

The Curriculum 

Module 1

You will learn:

  • The Womb energies

  • Womb and Nature

  • Womb Powers

  • Womb Meditation 

Module 2

Womb Energies and the Optimized Woman

You will learn:

  • The Archetype Maiden in your life

  • The Archetype Mother in your life

  • The Archetype Enchantress in your life

  • The Archetype Crone in your life

Module 3

Kundalini Yoga: Be a Strong Magnet

You will learn:

  • The Kundalini energy

  • Kriya and meditation

  • Kriya and meditation

  • Kriya and meditation

Module 4

The Power of Nature in You

You will learn:


  • How to be Mindful 

  • Calling the directions -ritual

  • Honor your Ancestors

  • Goddess Prayer/ Blessing


  • Guided Meditations

  • Invitation to participate in the Worldwide Womb Blessing with Miranda Gray

  • Live Q&A call with me

  • Recorded call

All Women Have A Sacred Grail

"My role is not to show my superpowers but to inspire women by helping them reveal their own superpowers."

What is unique about it?

  • The Goddess IS You is a unique program where combines Kundalini Yoga and Womb Awakening Meditations.

  • The feminine divine Self is awakened by the womb and kundalini energies.

  • The importance of your divine Self in the Aquarian Age.

  • The integration of mind, body, and soul with Psychology, Yoga, rituals, and meditations.

What Waits for you?

  • The Goddess is You is designed for you to do all the steps at your own pace.

  • You will have support along the way. You can email me anytime or share your questions with the group. 

  • Once a month, you will have access to a LIVE call with me to go through all your questions

  • One of the beautiful things about the online course is that you will be able to participate from anywhere in the world and meet women from different countries 

  • You will have access to a Facebook group where you can share questions and expand your sisterhood.

  • The calls are recorded and you get all your videos, audios, and written material with lifetime access.


Is this for me?


  • If you are a heart-centered spiritual seeker woman

  • interested in yoga, healing, sacred ceremonies, and the sacred feminine

  • you hear the calling to work on your female energies 

  • you are ready to step out your comfort zone and do something extraordinary for yourself

  • you want to discover your superpowers and attract what you want in your life.



Why you will love it?


Because you will...​

  • Empower yourself for a successful, balanced, happy life 

  • Organize your daily actions effectively with no stress

  • Increase your self-esteem knowing all your potential

  • Attract what you want exploring your superpowers 

  • Be able to deepen your connection to yourself, Nature and The Divine Mother and stay grounded, confident, graceful, blissful. 

  • Bring back vitality and creativity to your life healing your body, mind, and soul  

  • Get support every step of the way 

Here is everything you get when you Sign up:

The Goddess IS You!


  •  It is an interactive 4 weeks online program designed to help women to elevate their feminine energies and claim their power.

  • It combines Kundalini Yoga, Womb Awakening, sacred rituals, Mindfulness, and meditations.

  • Each week you will receive a module with teachings and homework! :)

  • The teachings are going to be at your membership site and you will receive an email each week to check your new lesson.

  • You will receive an email reminding our live call. The live call will be recorded if you could not attend it.

  • You will also have access to a private Facebook group for questions and interaction in sisterhood. 

The Goddess IS You takes place from March 28th, 2019 to April 24th, 2019

Sign up for the Goddess IS You!

1 Payment of  €387

2 Payments of €193,50

What People Are Saying


Andressa Bachner, student

“Patricia helped me with her incredible energy and wisdom. Before her, I was a quiet girl that used to agree with everything and keep all those bad feelings inside myself. I was having a hard time adapting to a new school, at home with my parents getting divorced, and in my career as a professional swimmer. On top of that, I suffered from bullying. Patricia started an incredible work with me. When I was with her, I always felt in a hug that if anything happens I was 100% sure that I could run to her to talk, listen or sometimes just to get a Reiki session. She taught me to look into myself and to be always connected with nature. I started to learn and discover who I really am. I am so grateful for every little and huge things that she has done for me.


Rayssa Costa, Olympic Fencing athlete 

“Patricia taught me that I could be and do what I wanted in my career and my life because I am my own master.

It wasn't an easy job but she with her skills gave me the tools to work on my mind and keep my high performance.

I reached my goal and represented my country in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Nowadays we have been working my shift from career and my identity as a woman and not an athlete anymore. I am definitely a better person and much more conscious of my personality traits, behaviors and actions.


Ana Luisa Di Bella, 

Gymnastics coach

"Patricia has a gift of healing. She is also so attentive, reliable and supportive. She taught me how to be grateful for everything in my life and how to accept myself the way I am. Her energy is fantastic and she has such a light that only being in her presence makes a huge difference for my well-being. She helped me overcome fear, anxiety, insecurities and so many other issues in my past. I am a better person now with healthy relationships thanks to her. I am very grateful to have her in my life. 


Juliane Pfeiffer, 

entrepreneur and author of "De Dentro Pra Fora"

Participating in Patricia’s Kundalini Dance Meditation at Petalusa in São Paulo was a unique opportunity to get in touch with my body and expression. Although the dance meditation is “individual diving”, Patricia enabled harmony in the group where we could feel and support each other with respect and compassion. After the workshop, I felt my body light as a feather and energized like a seed sprouting. Patricia definitely knows how to integrate different arts in experience for body and soul.

" I believe when the Feminine Energy rise in all of us, it is going to be a new world with no war, suffer or discrimination."

Meet Your Guide

Patricia Lima Hauerwaas, MA, MS

Patricia Lima Hauerwaas is the founder of Chamapura. She has a  post-graduate in Psychology with a specialization in Bioenergetics and Cognitive Therapies. She obtained her Masters of Arts and Masters of Science in the USA. She lived in California, where she fell in love with meditation and yoga. She became a Kundalini Yoga teacher with KRI certification under Yoga West in Los Angeles. Hence, she did many yoga and meditation training in the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. She studied with Guru Singh, Fernanda Cunha, Octavio Salvado, Marco Schultz, Prabodhy, and Jerome Front. For more than 10 years she worked with high-performance athletes implementing Mindfulness, yoga, and meditations with the mental coaching. Patricia is also a certified Moon Mother (level 2) under the studies of Miranda Gray. She also studied the path of the Priestesses (Urban Priestess Mystery School™) with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner. She completed many studies about Mary Magdalene and the sacred feminine with Fernanda Zanini, Azra and Seren Bertrand. Patricia has been integrating all her knowledge by facilitating groups with dance, meditation, body-mind-soul techniques in order to expand the subtle energy that resides in each one of us with her new creation called Kundalini Dance Meditation. She continues offering Kundalini Yoga workshops and retreats, Reiki, Womb Blessings, The Gift For Men, counseling, online programs and coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating in this program?


You will empower yourself for a successful, balanced, happy life. You are going to be able to organize your daily actions effectively with no stress.


Plus, you will know your potential and superpowers to attract what you want in your life. You will be able to deepen your connection to yourself, Nature and The Divine Mother and stay grounded, confident, graceful, blissful. 


You will bring back vitality and creativity to your life healing your body, mind, and soul. And not only this program is designed to raise the feminine energies but also you will get support every step of the way.


How much support I will get?


You will get as much support as possible from me and the other participants.


You will have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share in sisterhood what you are dealing with.


You will have access to my email and I will assist you in the best way I can.

I'm new to the Kundalini Yoga and/or Womb Awakening. Will this course be too advanced for me?

Not at all. You will learn on your pace easy techniques and meditations.


This program is beginners and advanced spiritual seekers because it integrates many tools from different approaches.

When will this program be offered again?


To be honest with you, I am not sure if I can offer another course this year with my coming baby.


It is possible that I make a short version if I get many requests for a program in Portuguese or German.


Therefore, if you are an English-speaker don't miss this opportunity.


Again, you will be able to access all the modules and lessons for a lifetime. 

What are the dates of the program?

The program starts on March 28th, 2019. Every week I am going to send you a Module with lessons until the 4 weeks are completed.


However, you can do all the lessons at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to it!


You are going to be able to participate in a live call with me in the 4th week.

The call is going to be recorded if you miss it.

How will I receive all the lessons?


After your enrolment, you will get an email with all the information of the program and especially your member site where you will be able to log in and have access to your lessons each week.


You are also going to receive weekly emails notifying you about a new module that is ready for you.


Don't worry about time. You will have these lessons for a lifetime.

The Goddess IS You takes place from March 28th, 2019 to April 24th, 2019

Sign up for the Goddess IS You!

1 Payment of  €387

2 Payments of €193,95

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